July 23, 2012

The Happeneings

I promise, we're still alive and doing great! (as the photo overload proves) I just havent felt like there has been anything "blog worthy" happening in our lives. How sad is that? We've actually had a pretty exciting last few months though, so let me fill you in
(that is if anyone still reads this thing)

At the beginning of this year we decided we were going to tag along on a vacation with my parents to the beautiful island of Kauai and then head on over to Oahu and meet up with two of our favorites. This was booked in January but we didnt go until end of May, and I thought May would NEVER come. Longest 4 months ever. Now that its come and gone, I'm a little sad. We had an abosultely amazing time and loved that we got to spend some much needed time with some of my family. We spent our days relaxing on the beach until the rain came, cruising the Napali coast, snorkeling, golfing, swimming with sharks and everything else in between. Here are some pictures that sum up the trip. I was a little lazy with the camera, so for that, I apologize!



Now the big news....we're building a house!!
And you're probably as shocked as I am.
It all happened so fast. We decided now is a good time to buy so we went looking at houses and had zero luck finding anything. We started looking at building and found a house plan we both loved and a week later we were signing papers! Its in Saratoga Springs and the best part is one of my good friends lives just around the corner from us! yay! They broke ground a few weeks ago and as of today we have everything framed and ready for electricity. Crossing our finger it'll be done in September!


  1. Wow! Congrats on the house! That is amazing!!!!!!!! Yayay for you guys! The trip looks like it was a blaST!

  2. YAY your back too. Love you sister!

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